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Delivering Great Service

How We Deliver Great Service

At Wellclean Carpet Cleaning, we are big believers that customer service is the foundation of any successful business. For this reason, we pay careful attention to it and ensure that every carpet clean job we carry out is done so with the customer in mind. 

Here are a few things we do, to ensure that our customers get world class customer service from us:

We are highly focused on answering their calls and queries when they call. Too many businesses are difficult to get hold of and seem to let the phone ring, but when you call us, you can be sure we will take your call, or get back to your right away. We are always friendly welcoming when dealing with customers on the phone and we love taking your calls. 

We also deliver on what we promise. Once we schedule a date and time with you to carry out a clean, we will be there for sure, always reliable and on time. We know that this is important to our customers, and that they may have taken time out of their day to be at home for our visit. 

We then deliver on the service we promised. In-fact we aim to over deliver, and 9/10 times our customers are absolutely amazed at the results we produce for them. No matter how dirty your carpets are, or how much mud or grime is on them, our powerful machinery blasts it all a ways and you are left with lovely looking, spotless carpets once we are done. 

Lastly, we provide all of the above at a very affordable price. We know a lot of the bigger carpet cleaning franchises charge excessive franchise rates, but that’s not how we do it. Our pricing is always the most affordable in the Oxfordshire area, and as a result we are able to deliver a great cleaning service at a great price.

The end results, happy customer that leave us great reviews, and use us over and over again each and every year.