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How to Improve Your Customer Service for Small Business Owners

How to Improve Your Customer Service for Small Business Owners

If you’re a business owner, improving your customer service is one of the fundamental skills you can develop in order to gain a competitive advantage of those competing in your space.

In a world where general customer service seems to have fallen by the wayside of years past, you have a real opportunity to get one up on the competition if you can get this area of your business right.


#1 – Answer Every Call that Comes in

As simple as it sounds, many businesses simply don’t answer their phone when customers call them. Ensuring that your main business phone is always staffed is a key element to creating a good impression for potential customers, who are looking to spend money with you.


#2 – Be Punctual

Once you have managed to secure a customer, deliver your service exactly when you agreed to do this. This is another area of service that is often overlooked, and can make a terrible impression on customers when badly done. Arriving early, and making sure you carry out any agreed work at the time you stated is a great way to create a positive customer experience.


#3 – Over Deliver on What you Promised

The surest way to create world class customer service is to over deliver on the service you have agreed on. If you’re a cleaning service, why not clean an extra room for free. If you’re a gardening service, why not mow the lawn and also tidy up their hedges while you’re there. This kind of small attention to detail will cost you nothing but time, but it will create a great impression on your customers.