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Using a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company v Not

Using a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company v Not

With many years in the carpet cleaning industry, as suggested by Fresh Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care,  one of the questions we still get asked all the time is “Should I use a professional carpet cleaning company, or should I just do it myself?”.

Well of course being a carpet cleaning company like carpet cleaner Humble, we may sound biased if we say “Yes you should use a professional company”, but let us tell you why and hopefully you will agree with us.

The real power that comes from using a professional cleaning company is the equipment you get. Most services these days will use the well known hot water extraction process, in which every last bit of grime and dirt is sucked up from your carpets.

This kind of clean is simply not possible with a standard vacuum cleaner, and this is essentially what you are paying the money for. Of course, you are also paying to not have to do the cleaning work yourself, but it you will find that the quality of the clean is unmatched when you use the right company.

Using them, will ensure that not only dirt and grime is removed from your carpet fibres, but also that harmful bacteria and mold is removed which is likely to be harmful to your family if not done on a regular basis.

Of course there is a time and a place for using your own vacuum cleaner – you should of course try and do this round your house at least once a week, but when it comes to really getting your carpets clean and free of unwanted items, then hiring a high quality carpet cleaning company like Wellclean Carpet cleaning is definitely the way to go.