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What to Clean Before You Move out of Your Rental Home

What to Clean Before You Move out of Your Rental Home

When moving out of a rental home you will want to ensure that you leave it in the best possible condition, in order to get your rental deposit back. 

These days, landlords and letting agencies have extremely high standards (and rightly so), so you’ll want to ensure that the property is completely clean before you hand back the keys. 

Some of the areas you’ll want to focus on are:

The Kitchen: When it comes to cleaning, one of the key areas is the kitchen. You’ll want to make sure you have the oven professionally cleaned, as well as the rest of the area around it. Over time, grime, and fat will build up in an oven, and the only way to really get this clean is to make use of an professional oven cleaning company 

The Carpets: We highly recommend using a professional carpet cleaning service such as ours to ensure that you get the carpets looking great again. Removing any stains and marks will be done with ease if you use a decent company, and this can go a long way to ensuring you get your rental deposit back in full.

Spiderwebs: This is a critical part of cleaning a rental property. You can clean every area until you’re blue in the face, but if you still have spiders webs hanging from the walls and ceilings then it will ruin the look and feel of the property. Make sure you carry out a full dusting of the area before you hand back the keys.

Bathroom: One of the key area (like the kitchen) of any home, you will want to make sure the bathroom area is spotless when moving out. This will include wiping and cleaning the sink, bath, shower and window ledges. Over time you may also find that mould and bacteria have built up, so you will want to pay careful attention to these and ensure that they are taken care of.

Windows: We also recommend using a professional window cleaner to give the windows a good clean before you move out. This can really make the property look a lot better, and will remove any water and dirt marks that may have built up over the window over time.

So if you’re looking to move out of your rental property, make sure you use a decent end of tenancy cleaning service to help you get the property looking clean again, and you’ll find you get your rental deposit back without any worries.