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When Should you Clean Your Carpets

When Should you Clean Your Carpets

We are often asked by our customers when, and how often they should get their carpet cleaned
Our answer is that it is of course entirely up to you, the customer, but we recommend getting your carpets professionally cleaned ideally at least once a year. 

There are many reasons for this, namely around ensuring that any moisture and unwanted bacteria are removed from your home regularly. 

There are also a number of other occasions when it would make sense for you to use a professional carpet cleaning service. 
Obviously right after you have made a spill would be one of these. If you have spilt something like red wine or another agent that will not come out, it is best to get a team of professionals out to address this right away. 
Their high quality equipment is usually the difference that allows the stain or mark to be removed.
Your carpets are looking tired and ragged. This is often a sure sign that its time to get the professionals out to give them a clean, and you will be absolutely amazed at how a good clean can transform the look and feel of your carpets. 


If you find that your allergies are causing you issues, it may also be time to get your carpets cleaned. As mentioned earlier, this could be a sign that there is mould or bacteria building up in your carpets, and the best way to get these removed is through a professional deep clean.

So if any of these reasons apply to you, and you’re looking for a great carpet cleaning service in Oxfordshire, then please give us a call today.