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Why Cleaning Your Carpets Yourself May Not Be the Best Idea

Why Cleaning Your Carpets Your Is Not Always the Best Idea

Don’t worry we get it. You want to clean your carpets yourself because you want to save money. 
This is perfectly normal, and something millions of people do ever year. 

While we appreciate that you want to save money, and not spend a fortune getting your carpets cleaned professionally, it may be worth thinking about the alternative options and here’s why.

Using a professional carpet cleaning service is the best way to get rid of the dirt, bacteria, mold, and whatever else may be residing in your carpets. While you can of course attempt to remove these yourself using a standard vacuum cleaner, you may find that you are still left with these pesky unwanted items once you’re done. 

The real benefit in using a professional carpet cleaning service comes from the high quality equipment they use. Most professional services, such as Wellclean Carpet Cleaning, will use the latest cleaning methods such as hot water extraction, and this is what makes all the difference in the quality of the clean. 

With years of experience, your team of cleaning professionals will know exactly how to apply the steaming hot water to your carpets, and the powerful extraction tool will then remove everything that shouldn’t be there. 
You simply can’t achieve this type of clean with a standard vacuum cleaner, and this is the mistake so many people make. 

As a result, they are left with the bacteria and mold in their carpets, which then goes on to effect the health and well being of their families. 

The good news is that having your carpets professionally cleaned is really not that expensive. Most service will range from between £75 – £150, depending on the size of the clean required. 

So if you are thinking about cleaning your carpets yourself, why not get a quote from your nearest carpet cleaning service to find out just how they can help you. In our opinion, it will be money well spent, as your carpets will not only look and feel great again, but they will also be clean and mold and bacteria free once again.